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Gucci Fall Winter 2018 Fashion Show: Short Edit

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Gucci is currently the most successful fashion brand. No one else is searched for by Google, mentioned in the press, lied about Instagram and bought online and offline. The autumn/winter fashion show 18/19 "Cyborg" in Milan has once again caused open mouths. On eBay Gucci bags, belts, caps, glasses and shoes are traded expensive, on Google Gucci is diligently searched. Many are looking not only for the Gucci fragrance Gucci Guilty, but also after the Gucci sale. So much anticipation: Gucci does not do that for a couple of years.What can you take now from the Gucci-radiance and the sales successes and incorporate in his own style? Some compare the Gucci success already with that of Apple. Transfer the top seven tips from the Gucci catwalk to everyday portable looks. Gucci Style :

1: Use Contrast

The completely designed look is boring and dated, say fashion experts like fashion journalist Elke Giese. Modern outfits work with breaks, as Gucci shows in the summer collection 2018: Short sports pants with a suit jacket, necklaces for the jacket, snake pattern bag for a checked double-breasted suit.

From the catwalk into everyday life: Build contrasts in your looks. The sneakers for suit trousers are the most famous break, the college looks for a suit, the necklace for the jacket the next step. By the way, actor Lars Eidinger demonstrated this at the Chanel Show in Hamburg.

2: Gender Boundaries adé
Androgyny is a big trend in 2018. Women have always used men's fashion. Coco Chanel was one of the first women to make it successful. In 2018, it is up to us men to adopt elements of women's fashion in their own style and to come along a little softer. Gucci does this with lots of bangles, baroque rings, lace, and a floppy blouse.

From the catwalk into everyday life: individual elements from the Gucci collection also work in everyday life. Discover the softie in you with floral patterns, more eye-catching rings, a brooch on the lapel and sometimes a necklace around your neck. Or two. This is not just women, as Chris Burtallan proves here. Incidentally, this leads to point number three.

3 Look younger

Admittedly: the male models from the Gucci catwalk have something of Harry Potter meets Barbara from Stranger Things and Gottlieb Wendehals has risen again. But they never look the same: old.

From the catwalk to everyday life: Floral patterns or embroidery on denim shirts not only make men softies, but they also make them younger. Anyone who wears a good blazer, for example, made of velvet, also gets the curve well. Even the trendy college look can be translated well into everyday life. For example in the form of a college jacket or a cardigan, see my blog post. A side parting with buttoned collar makes you a model student. With colored sunglasses in 1970s Marnier perfect. Incidentally, Jared Leto - Gucci's prominent face - shows very well how Gucci can be worn in everyday life. Incidentally, this man is 1971

4 Dress Up Dramatically

Boring looks certainly not in Guc
ci 2018. The oversized glasses, the heavy velvet or the screaming Gucci monogram are anything but monotonous. Add to that the bold color combinations and exaggerated proportions, such as oversized shoulders. In the spring/summer collection 2018, orange meets red, black and blackberry. And Gucci also celebrates the wild pattern mix, the king's freestyle of styling.

From the catwalk into everyday life: The oversized glasses in the 1970s style, the animal print on the bag. Snakeskin shoes, for example, are a trend that can be found on ex-Gucci chief designer Tom Ford on the catwalk. And a cool statement shirt or with Bugs-Bunny counterpart you can find even with cheaper brands.

5: Get a bag (finally)

A shopping bag from Gucci for 1,700 euros - that's priceless. And admittedly: the loud Gucci design on it is anything but a classic. A bag with a cat print - it will not be timeless and stay in the cupboard in two or three years.

From the catwalk into everyday life: You can still incorporate the trend into your style. Because neutral shopping bags ("shoppers") are on the rise and are a good companion in the city and on the way to the office, especially for spring and summer. This again shows that men are taking over the bag trend of women more and more.

Another big bag trend from Gucci: the fanny pack. As a teenager of the 1990s, however, I am severely damaged here. The bum bag made of polyester has spoiled me forever for this trend. It is in my view, more the petite men than the stronger.

6: Have something to say
The collection of Gucci in the replica operating room was not just a wild pattern mix and freak show, with her Alessandro Michele, really had something to say: Our identity is a construct. We are set pieces from different influences.

From the catwalk into everyday life: a good statement shirt with a clever saying should soon end up in your shopping cart. Especially in these politically sensitive times a saying on the shirt, which stands for cosmopolitanism, is particularly good to you. Even a healthy dose of self-irony can not hurt, as Gucci shows: Never marry a Mitford

7: Go Vintage

The set pieces also include the large fund in which we can serve ourselves in 2018. Are the 1970s back on track, the 1980s still in or the 1990s in vogue? At Gucci things are all mixed up. The models look like Gucci's heyday in the 1970s and then like the young Melanie Griffith in "Working Girl" on her way to the aerobics class.

From the catwalk to everyday life: games with retroelements. You can also find the great Gucci sunglasses from the 1970s on eBay or in the second-hand shop. Or a nice silk handkerchief for the spring jacket. Which brings us to the last question: How can I buy the luxury label at a low price?

Buy cheap Gucci:

Old is gold: Many luxury goods buyers tend to wear and care for them instead of wearing them - and then they dust up in the closet and eventually the sale follows. This is your chance to access and for example, follow the brands on eBay. So I came to a nice wallet. In the case of clothing, by the way, the beautiful sentence applies in the style of Sir Hardy Amies: garments are to be worn.

Labels in little: A jacket by Gucci or even a bag - that's fast four-digit amounts. Cheaper are accessories such as glasses, belts, scarves or handkerchiefs.
Use Outlets: Even luxury brands are represented in outlets in Germany and Austria. For example, Gucci is in Roermond and Metzingen and near Vienna. Here you save money again. In Metzingen all offers must be at least 30 percent cheaper than in regular trade. Best shopping day in the outlet is by the way: the Thursday. Then the goods for the weekend and the outlet is only weakly visited. Galileo recently reported about this.

Think long-term: In times of fast fashion, clothes, unfortunately, have only a limited lifetime. A luxury article should, however, accompany you for years. That's the only way to really pay the price. Therefore, prefer to rely on classics rather than a trendy design. Will the part please me in five years? Can I integrate color and pattern well into my base wardrobe? What is the use of the Gucci scarf in taupe, if this color does not match your color palette at all?
TK Maxx: Screamed by evil tongues as a "clothes graveyard" - but a Gucci gold mine: Here you can actually find Gucci in the gold label corner. Because even luxury brands will not get rid of all the items. Resale of clothing is common in the industry. So Versace, Moschino, Michael Kors, and other labels can be found between the clothes stands.

Brand imitationuse: pure fall! You will not get this tip from me here. Brand fakes are in my view rausgeschmissenes money: the quality is as good as always miserable, the purchase looks cheap. And who wants to look cheap? In addition, fake sunglasses can even harm the eyes, because they just do not filter the light properly. With belts, the loop goes off, with pockets, the rivets fall out - you save all this and prefer to buy the original. If not first, then second-hand on sales platforms. And for the latter applies: always show the bill. Unfortunately, thefts are also sold on online platforms. And unfortunately, there are also scam sites that advertise branded articles for unrealistic low prices just to get credit card details. The following applies here: Common sense should always be there when shopping. Also my article about theSale Tips and Sale Traps.

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