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Abrham Belayneh - Ete Abay (Ethiopian Music Video)

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Added by Yonas Hailu in Ethiopian Music


Ethiopian music is popular in the whole world. Many have been listening even though there are linguistic difficulties to understand what the message in this amazing musics since mostly it tends to Amharic.

Ethiopia has a very unique and non-mixed music culture. In the multi-ethnic provinces of Ethiopia, the music is extremely diverse, with each of Ethiopia’s ethnic groups being associated with unique sounds. There is a very strong local scene mostly exposed through video clips they release. Ethiopians have been explaining themselves for the entire world by this art form and cultural activity whose medium is sound organized in time.

Even though Ethiopian music uses a distinct modal system that is pentatonic the music of Ethiopia is extremely diverse with each of Ethiopia's ethnic groups being associated with unique sounds include common elements such as pitch, rhythm, dynamics. In Ethiopian highlands, the music uses of fundamental modal system ‘qegnet’, of which there are four main modes: Tezeta, Bati, Aambasel, and Aanchi Hhoye

There is a wide range of traditional musical instruments such as ‘Kebero’, ‘Masinko’, ‘Kirar’ and so on. More modern style instruments are often used in modern dance music. Modern professional musicians soon reached new heights of innovation in using Ethiopian instruments mixing with other instruments.

Ethiopians have been telling of the Ethiopian parables, upsets, appreciation, and warning through song and “street songs” called ‘Engurguro’ which were a traditional form of expression particularly popular as a means of political and other commentaries in a country that was without newspapers or other means of communication, dates back to centuries and is this is also one of the uniqueness of the Ethiopian music up to now.

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