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Make-up and the women

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Added by Yonas Hailu in Fashion and Life Style


Make-up and the women - it's a close relationship. Little girls often play with their mother's lipsticks early on. With puberty, the ambitions with brush and tassel suddenly become more serious - and society rigorously decides about it. Whether you wear make-up, how much or none - it always seems to convey a message.

So what happens when a woman begins to "improve" her appearance with Indian ink, concealer, and co.

This woman dared the experiment: from the natural to the made-up beauty - and the changes were not just optical!

Make-up makes women more confident

Does make-up bring the inner diva to light? "I think he was more likely to play on my greater self-confidence," says the woman herself.

But is it really the darker lashes that make women feel better with make-up? "Maybe it's not the make-up, but the extra time I spend on myself that makes me feel good," she explains in her video.

Whether with make-up or without - everyone wants to hide something

"On the last day I had enlightenment," she finally reveals. "No make-up can be as much a mask as make-up itself."

The main thing is probably, with his body - whether he is now according to his wishes changed or not - feels comfortable. Because self-confidence comes from more than a pair of long eyelashes.


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